“The Poet And The President”

OCTOBER 20TH, 2018 – FEBRUARY 24TH 2019

After the tragic death of his daughter Leopoldine on September 4th, 1843, the life and thought of Victor Hugo experienced a real break.
The period from 1843 to 1851 is essential for the author who turns away from literary life to enter political action: how does the son of a freethinker and an Empire general become the defender of the poors, the oppressed, those he will later call “Les Misérables”?

From the revolution of 1848 that founded the Second Republic and its great social progress, to the election of Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, supported by Hugo before becoming his most intractable opponent, the exhibition “The poet and the president” traces the portrait of the most unknown of French republics.

Correspondence, manuscripts, books, engravings, portraits of the various protagonists as well as press articles and caricatures from the museum’s collections, are presented in support of the exhibition panels.

English booklet