June 2018 : molding of Victor Hugo’s hand

Victor Hugo/1877 Hugo/1877 / (inv. 1957.7.1)

Molding in round works according to nature in skated plaster and terra-cotta by Girolami.

This molding, realized on July 28th, 1878, is one of the numerous testimonies of the worship and the fetishism the poet of which was the object before even his death.

The sculptor chooses of a faithful representation, almost a domain of the anatomy: every vein, every wrinkle, every fold, every irregularity of the outline of the nail is reproduced with delicacy.

Beyond this visible coolness, it is especially a magnificent tribute in the work and in the talent of the writer and in his most precious tool: the right hand.

Here is how Victor Hugo tells this meeting in his pad:
” In July 28th [1877]. Molding of my hand. The moulder came at noon. He molded my hand in half an hour (the right). It is an intelligent man. I invited him for lunch with me.”